Online classes for kids

Fun classes at home

Peekaboo was born as a school meant to teach English to kids. We carry it in our DNA. We know how kids learn, what motivates them and how to integrate entertaining activities naturally in class.

We create effective and attractive learning experiences for students. We succeed in turning their homes into connected classrooms. We are constantly working to implement and refine practices related to online learning.

Intensive English Course Kids
8-11 year-olds ǀ July 2020

Take advantage of your summer holidays to give your English a boost from home. Do you need to go over school content? Do you want to practice English in an enjoyable way? Do you dare to prepare a project in English with other students like you from all over the world? Join our intensive English course in July!

  • Playful, dynamic and entertaining classes
  • Native o bilingual teachers with a lot of experience and digital resources
  • Live online classes through videoconference
  • 2-4 weeks courses
  • Four 45-minute classes a week (1 class/day from Monday to Thursday)
  • Project-based learning
  • Entertaining workshops (crafts, drama, cooking) included in the course’s dynamic
  • Very reduced groups, maximum 6 students, divided by age
  • Access to the E-learning platform for practice and extra content
  • Peekaboo App for communication with families and academic monitoring

Groups: 4-6 students

Frequency & duration

4 classes/week,
2 or 4 weeks

Class times:

10:30-11:45 AM from Monday to Thursday


15€ - booking fee
45€ - 2 weeks
82€ - 4 weeks


How do I sign up my child for online classes?

To sign up your child for the classes, fill out the form and pay the booking fee. We will contact you to confirm the group and schedule and we will provide you with the payment’s and the course’s details. Once payment is received, we will send you the necessary information and all of the accesses.

Is there a minimum of students per group?

Yes, the groups have to be a minimum of 4 students.

What are the online classes like?

Online classes for kids are developed through videoconferences with the Google Meet platform. You don’t need to install any software, just follow link that we provide.
It’s one 45-minute class a day.

What are the technical requirements?

To join the classes, you need:

  • a computer (recommended) or any other device (mobile or tablet) which has camera and microphone
  • a good internet connection
  • the use of headphones is recommended to improve hearing
What to prepare for online classes?
What are the online class rules?
  • a quiet and comfortable place without distractions
  • a paper or a notebook and a pencil or pen
  • a bottle of water
  • check that the camera’s and microphone’s functioning

The online class rules are very similar to those of a face-to-face class:

  • be punctual
  • have everything you need for classes prepared in advance
  • do not interrupt the teacher and classmates and wait for their turn to speak
  • do not eat during class
  • do not disconnect from the class to go to the bathroom or to another place in the house except for an emergency
  • have fun!
How can parents communicate with teachers and/or control their children’s progress?