Why Peekaboo

Because we inspire and guide our students into their future.

Peekaboo is school that is always evolving. We were founded in 2010 as a special and unique school, aiming only to teach English to children in our small premises in Plaza de Europa. Helping children grow is in our genes. We have a passion for achieving it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, somewhere fun and, above all, with a reputation for teaching that is unique and of the highest quality.

Nowadays, we have 15 classrooms in two adjoining schools. Seven of them are exclusively for children and adapted for them to learn English through play.

Dozens of students come to our school every year. We try to satisfy each person’s learning objectives and help them achieve the qualifications they need, via the most efficient methodology.

Peekaboo is now a leading in example of English schools in Gijón, due to its variety of programs for specific goals:

Teens Habitat

Our teaching system for teens that focuses on communication skills and Cambridge exams preparation.

Talk it out

Our conversational method for adults. Our teachers have extensive experience teaching English using direct methods.

English Made for You

Our program for business. We offer intensive courses or classes for one or two people, as well as presentation preparation and evaluation of employee English levels.

Why? Creative learning spaces, unique teaching methods and innovative materials. Teaching with fun and intimacy. Teaching language as something alive, fluid and constantly evolving.