Cambridge & IELTS Exams

Cambridge & IELTS Exams from 12 years old

Exam certificates continue to be extremely important around the world and frequently form a crucial element in being able to study abroad and develop a strong CV. Having an internationally recognised English certificate is also a useful tool to mark the progress that has been achieved, set new goals and keep the motivation alive.

Our Teens Habitat English course is compatible with the exam preparation. We adapt class activities to facilitate exam preparation for students, according to their level. Our teachers are used to working with students preparing for these exams. We guide them through the whole process and help them to focus on achieving their goals.

Our younger students can prepare for the two exam types with the highest international recognition:

  • Cambridge: PET, FCE, CAE, Proficiency – preparation included in the Teens Habitat course
  • IELTS (International English Language Teaching System) – preparation on demand

Speaking English gives you more options – to move freely, to interact, to participate, to communicate.
Earning official titles and qualifications gives a universal confidence in your language abilities.