English & Lego® 4 to 6 years old

Our combined English and Lego® course allows children to learn English while building and playing with Lego® bricks. This process generates emotions that captivate the children’s attention, which has a powerful effect on the learning process and on remembering what has been learnt.

It’s a hands-on method of learning, where the visual, auditory and tactile elements are blended to learn English while the children build and play. We create unique themes and use special sets of bricks for each class, according to their age and ability. The use of English happens naturally throughout the process, in the most imaginative way.

Frequency & duration

Once a week – 60 min.

Class times:

Saturdays; 11:00, 12:00


Max. 8 children

Would your little ones love learning English with LEGO? We are the only school in Asturias who offer this course.